Children's groups

Tennis Club "Champion" announces a set of children who want to learn
to play tennis, professionally or amateurly
Here you can immerse yourself in the world of real "Big" tennis, in the world of beauty, grace, speed, movement, drive, sports. Forget about all things, take a break from everyday life, work, traffic jams. Give yourself a game! And you will definitely become a CHAMPION, the results will not be delayed.

Our friendly administrators will provide you with a comfortable stay in the Club, and experienced coaches will help you master all the intricacies of the game, even if you have never held a racket in your hands before. All you need to do is call to find out about the availability of free courts at the desired time of day and the free time of coaches, this is done only to save your time and your convenience.

Welcome to the best courts of the city. We are waiting for you every day from seven in the morning until eleven in the evening. Take time for yourself!
Mon - Sun
7:00 - 23:00
Work schedule:
(067) 536 11 14
(066) 031 25 16
Booking by phone numbers:

What we offer

All the conditions for a comfortable game of tennis

The tennis club "Champion" has everything you need for a comfortable time. This includes a large locker room, showers and convenient parking.
Tennis is a perfect game from an early age

If you are determined to connect the future of your children with this sport, you should show your baby's coach at the age of 6 and, from this age, gradually acquire skills
3 tennis courts are available for rent at the Champion Tennis Club

You can play, have fun and chat with like-minded people. Thanks to optimal lighting, indoor courts have all the conditions for a pleasant game at any time.
Tennis as a source of health

A tennis player who is completely committed to the game process, both physically and morally, feels emotional uplift after training - all worries and anxieties seem to go into the background.

Stress relief

The tennis player engages the muscles of the legs, arms, back, shoulders and neck. Active work and full teaching of the athlete on the court leads to a significant strengthening of the muscular corset.

The work of all muscles

Intense movements during tennis training create a competent aerobic load on the heart muscle, normalize blood pressure, saturate all body systems with oxygen and effectively strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Stable cardio load

or call:
(067) 536 11 14
(066) 031 25 16
(067) 536 11 14
(066) 031 25 16
Phones for booking:
street Umanskaya 47a
Mon - Sun 7:00 - 23:00
Work schedule:
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