Children's groups
Children's groups

Tennis lessons in our club will not only ensure your child's good health, but also form the best personal qualities that will help in life!

Tennis is a perfect game from an early age. If you are determined to connect the future of your children with this sport, you should show the coach to your child at the age of 6 and, from this age, gradually acquire skills. Tennis perfectly develops body flexibility, intuition and perseverance. Believe me, a 10-year-old child who plays tennis will be much more "savvy" than his peers, because this sport is a kind of psychological test that a good player overcomes easily and with dignity.

Of course, in this game the role of the coach is very important, who will create individual conditions for each player. Tennis involves all muscle groups, so the game requires constant training of the muscular corset and keeping the body in shape.
Continuing the theme of children's health support, we can consider such a topical issue for many parents as choosing a section for their child. Here, the number of options just goes round and round: dancing, martial arts, football, hockey, and tennis.
If you want your child to become a real tennis player and master all the secrets of the game, bring her to classes at our tennis club.
Tennis for children

We announce the recruitment of children,

2300 UAH
wishing to learn to play tennis, on a professional or amateur level
The training will be conducted by highly qualified trainers using modern techniques. An individual approach to each student is guaranteed, taking into account the temperament and nature of the game.
monthly group subscription
or call
Recruitment is carried out in groups (up to 8 people).
Pros of tennis
Tennis will develop your child's dexterity and speed of reaction;
Regular exercise will improve the coordination and functioning of the respiratory system;
Tennis will be very useful if your child suffers from osteochondrosis or metabolic diseases.
Mon - Sun 7:00 - 23:00
Work schedule:
street Umanskaya 47a
(067) 536 11 14
(066) 031 25 16
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